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Gurly Media Group Ltd is working with DHT clinic group in Bangkok and some of the best doctors in Thailand. We provide marketing services to the DHT group.

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DHT group facilities are based in multiple locations. The choice of the clinic facility is based on the location of your hotel and the type of procedure required. If we are helping in organizing your travel and accommodation, we will book the clinic that can provide the best results based on your requirements.

The cost of the procedure depends on the type of service, clinic location, and the number of grafts. Their pricing varies from 50 Baht up to 120 Baht per graft.

Please use https://www.xe.com/ for exchange rate calculation.

The free structure is as follows:

Admin fee – (if any) covers the time and cost of organizing all required services (if requested: accommodation, transport, flights, attractions, personal guide, etc.) You have a choice of organising your travels on your own.

Deposit – (if any, paid directly to the clinic) quoted value; this is calculated after the consultation with the doctors.

Cost – the quoted cost of the procedure. (FUE, or FUT, or platelet-rich plasma injection-PRP)

The admin fee (if any) is paid upfront to the agency; the cost of the procedure is paid to the actual clinic before the procedure.

A 5% cancellation fee (of the total quoted value) may apply. Cancellation notice must be supplied no later than 2 weeks before the procedure to avoid the cancellation fee.

The quoted graft amount may slightly differ from the actual (e.g. 3200 vs quoted 3100); any difference in cost is paid directly to the clinic after the procedure.

We do not pay for the flights, accommodation, or other costs. We will provide (if requested) a list of service providers (hotels, airlines, etc.) with relevant booking schedules, and you will be required to complete the booking and pay the service provider directly.

In case of cancellation, additional fees may apply; it will depend on the terms and conditions of each service provider. Some services may not be refundable. All details and conditions will be provided with relevant service details (like airlines, travel agents, etc.).

The relevant quotation will supply all the procedure-specific and final terms and conditions.

Please be aware that Thai law does not allow large amounts of money to be transferred out of the country. Once you pay the clinic, you must be present in the country and complete the procedure; otherwise, it may not be possible to transfer the money back to you, or it may take a very long time. The safe way is to use a credit card and directly pay after the procedure (additional fees may apply: Visa surcharge, etc.).

Finally, depending on your passport, you may be required to apply for a travel visa. New Zealand and Australian citizens can enter the country on a tourist visa for 30 days (typically). To stay in the country longer, you must extend the visa at the local immigration office. The cost is around 2000 Baht and may require extra travel to the local immigration office.

Note: Please note that we do not introduce any additional fees for the procedure on top of the clinic’s quoted value.