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Booking steps

Once you contact us, we will provide a list of documents (or basic information) you would need before the consultation booking. Once we receive and verify all the supplied data, then we will pass this to DHT clinic and they will reply directly to you with the quote and list of the facilities and the specialization of each one. Not every clinic is suitable for every procedure.

Online consultation with the clinic may be booked. Sometimes set of head photographs may be sufficient for an initial costing to be provided.

In case of online consultation, you will need to accommodate for the time difference (usually it will be between 9 AM -5 PM Thailand time). The consultation will be made with the Zoom app.

Once the consultation is complete and the quotation is accepted, the clinic may require the deposit to be paid. (You will be provided with all the relevant invoices and detailed information before any payments.)

The next step will be booking the procedure, flights, hotels, transport from the airport, etc. The procedure will be organized with the clinic and you will be required to wire the balance to the clinic directly as per their instructions. In New Zealand, it takes around 3 days to send money to Thailand. You may need to check this with your bank. It is possible to pay directly with a credit card after the procedure. Additional fees may apply if you choose this option.

Once you arrive in the country and pass customs, you will be picked up from the airport by a guide (if required) and then taken to your accommodation. From there, you can book a taxi on a day and visit the clinic for an initial consultation. Transport may be organized for you on request. It is possible that the visit may be on the same day as the procedure itself. It will depend on the decision made by a doctor.

Once the procedure is finished and you are discharged from the clinic, you can go back to your accommodation.

Typically, you will be asked to come back the next day for a check. If the doctor is satisfied with the results, you can go back to your accommodation. The next visit will be after five days for the final check.

If you wish to travel around the city or the country prior to the procedure, then it may be required for you to organize immunization with your local doctor. It is not advised to travel after hair transplantation. You should rest and let the grafts settle in.

After the final discharge, you are free to fly back home.