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All the DHT clinics we work with are located in Bangkok. Depending on the type of service, you may be required to travel to the clinic location. The transport in the city is very cost-effective; the usual cost of a taxi ranges from 50 Baht to 150 Baht per trip. You will be provided with relevant details of the booking methods (mobile phone app – the app will allow you to order food, taxi, do shopping, etc.).

Once you arrive at the clinic, you will be greeted by an English-speaking representative and directed from there. The procedure itself will follow after preparing the transplant area (med check, antiseptic hair wash, etc.).

The time required for the procedure will depend on the type of transplant method and the number of required grafts. Everything will be explained to you once you talk with the doctors.

The clinic will book your return transport after the procedure. You will be required to come back for a checkup the following day after the procedure and then again after about a week.

We work with three clinics located in Bangkok CBD and Bangkok Downtown. The fourth clinic is under construction at the moment and is not operational yet.


Note: 2023 – DHT clinic is rebranding to Full Hair by DHT Clinic



(Image of actual procedure – DHT Clinic)

(Image of actual hair transplant)